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We are so pleased with our gorgeous yard! Please thank your crew and sub contractors for us. They have been some of the most courteous and professional guys I have ever worked with. We can't thank you enough!

Jacob & Geneva Mello
Atwater, CA


They were very good and did a great job.

Keith H.
Merced, CA

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Evergreen is not the cheapest but you will have a system that works with minimim water use. Part of their business is redoing new systems installed by other contractors that do not work well. I was so happy with their work that I had them install a system at my dad's house so he did not have to drag hoses around trying to irrigate his very large yard. I don't have time to describe the entire process here but I would suggest that if you are thinking about a new sprinkler system then call Bob Edwards and have him come out and talk to you. If you go with a cheaper system...Good luck!

Steve Gomes
Merced, CA

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They were quick and friendly. I think they did the job well.

Julianne Sims-Culot
Merced, CA

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I had a sprinkler station that wouldn't turn off. I had no clue where the shut offs were or how to stop it. Robert stayed late, 6:30, until I could get home from work. When he got there he walked over and turned a handle that I hadn't seen and shut off the sprinklers. It was a painful lesson on learning how my house functions, $95 for the service call, gas surcharge and after hours penalty. Just shutting off the water wouldn't solve the problem, so Robert explained about the valves going bad after so many years, at least 10 years. His estimate for the replacement valves and service call was reasonable. So I had him do the work. He offered to apply the afterwork charge to the service fee so that helped. He did the work, front and back yard sprinklers, over the next two days, came during the day so I didn't lose work time to be there, and even braved my 2 Chihuahuas to get the backyard ones. I am pleased that he was knowledgeable, and helpful (offered to help me figure out the Lawn Genie timer) and said they could invoice me for the work so I didn't have to have a check before the work could be done. I would recommend Evergreen to anyone who works full time because they are willing to work around your hours, were efficient, cost effective and finished the work promptly.

Darlene A.
Atwater, CA

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