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Water Auditing
Every Drop Counts

Commercial and residential landscape water used in the United States accounts for more than seven million gallons of water each
day. As much as half of that is lost or wasted due to evaporation, wind or improper irrigation design, installation and maintenance.

An efficient landscape irrigation system requires not only water efficient products, but also proper design, installation, maintenance and auditing.

Whether you plan to install a new irrigation system, or to upgrade an existing system you need a certified irrigation professional to
do the job.

An Irrigation Audit has 3 steps:

  1. Site Inspection: visual inspection with owner or site manager.

  2. Physical Field Audit: soil, wind, pressure tests and water collection with catch cans. Precipitation rates are then calculated from information collected.

  3. Irrigation Scheduling: determine when to irrigate based on root depth, soil type, plant classification and water requirements. Find total water available, determine how many cycles and length of run times.

Evergreen Landscape Service is Merced Counties only Certified Landscape Water Auditor. We are Select-Certified, an Irrigation Association Water Sense Partner and an EPA partner.

We also offer state of the art Irrigation Mapping using GPS Geotagging for new and existing irrigation systems.

An irrigation audit can save both money and water. Call us today.

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Water Audit