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Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance

Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO) Highlights:

Requires irrigation controllers to be smart, utilizing either weather or soil moisture data.

Sensors to suspend operation of system during rain, freeze, etc.

Sprinkler heads and nozzles shall have matched precipitaion rates with low volume delivery.

All irrgation emission devices must meet the national standard stated in the Ordinance to ensure that only
high efficiency sprinklers are installed.

Check valves are required on all systems.

Swing joints are required adjacent to high traffic areas.

No overhead irrigation permitted within 24 inches of any non-permeable surface. Must be sub-surface irrigation.

Turf less than 10 feet in any direction shall be irrigated with sub-surface or low volume irrigation.

Drip irrigation required in all planting areas.

3 Inches of mulch is required in all beds as a moisture barrier.

Irrigation audit required.

All landscape irrigation audits shall be conducted by a Certified Landscape Irrigaion Audior (CLIA).

Dedicated landscape water meters required for residential landscapes over 5000 sq ft.
and non-residential landscapes over 1000 sq ft.

Irrigation systems are required to have pressure regulators and master shut-off valves.

Flow sensors that detect and report high flow conditions due to broken pipes and/or popped sprinkler heads are
required for landscape areas greater than 5000 sq ft.

Turf not allow in new non-residential installations.

All landscape projects to be registered with city and inspected.

For more information, vist the CA Department of Water Resoures.

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